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Rules & Regulations
  Attendance Rules :

  • 75% Class Attendance (both in Theory & Practical classes) is mandatory for students of both DMJ 1st Semester and 2nd Semester respectively.
Students lacking the above-mentioned percentage in attendance will not in any case be allowed to appear in the 1st Semester and 2nd Semester Final Examinations.

For any kind of leave, permission of the Coordinator (Administration) must be taken beforehand.
  • 2nd Semester students who want to change the specialization, must do it within one month from the date of admission.

  Examination Rules :

  • Apart from the 1st Semester and 2nd Semester Final Examinations, students must appear in the Unit Tests, held during the semester term.

  Maintenance of Discipline among Students :

  • Proper discipline must be maintained inside the EDC premises.
Chewing pan, pan-masala, spitting, smoking is strictly prohibited in the EDC premises.
Mobile phones must either be switched off or be kept in silent mode inside the EDC premises
Mobile phone must be switched off inside the Class Rooms and Computer Room.
Office phone must not be used unless with due permission from the Office Supervisor
Before entering the Computer Room, the Entry Log book should be signed. The computer must be shut down before leaving the room.
Several News Papers and Magazines are available at the reading room. These should be kept in proper place after the use.
For using Library books, the Office Bearers should be contacted. The books must be handled carefully. Incase of any mishandling, concerned students may be fined.
For any Photostat and Printing work, Mr. Raghu Kalita, Office Supervisor must be contacted
For any administrative and academic matter relating to the students of CMCJ, the decision taken by the Chief Coordinator will be the final.
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